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I consider myself a multimedia artist experimenting with a variety of creative techniques. I search for creative tasks crossing the boundaries between disciplines. I stand up for free and open society and share culture to Public Domain through the Creative Commons licensing.
I was born in Riga, a town on Baltic sea, which is the capital of Latvia, a part of Soviet Union at that time. In the year 2004, when Latvia had passed over the heat of it's long awaited independency to jet another Union - European, I moved to London, United Kingdom. During the 7 years that I lived there I had acquired many useful social skills and graduated from University of the Arts, London College of Communication in the Visual Communication field. In the year 2011 I moved to Japan and currently reside in Tokyo.
Therefore, my lifelong artistic project is research of multiple cultural aspects of the Moving Identity.

Theater stage and performance art:
Get involved in amateurs/student theatrical activity by cooperation in sound design and production
with "Le Courant" group - collective of students of Latvian Art Academy and Latvian Academy of Culture,
"Cuska mele slepjas zale" - Zirgu pasts, Riga, 1998
"Swing project" - Zirgu pasts, Riga, 1998
then I have joined group as a stage performer
of Artaud’s "Le jet de sang" at Riga’s "Skatuve" theater, Latvian Academy of Culture stage in 1999
them we went to International Amateurs Theater festival in France
"Le jet de sang" at the ART’scéne - Festival International des Arts de la Scéne, Vaugnere, France, 2000
after I moved to London I got involved with the Malte Schlösser directed group
as light designer and light performer for the "Yearning in fear 2", Shunt lounge, London, autumn 2007
then there was a cooperation of students of UAL's and Tel-Aviv's School of Visual Theatre
My contribution consisted of the light and sound design and it's performance for the staging of King Solomon's "Shir-ha-Shirim" aka "The Song of Songs", Central St Martins, London, Spring 2009
then I took part in a work on sound design and sound performance for "The Confessions of the st. Augustine and Guy Debord" working title, Central St Martins, London, Summer 2009
Since I moved to Tokyo I have performed catwalking for the White Mountaineering AW 2012 collection at Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Graphic design, illustration and photography:
Stared Artworking for Varka Kru then moved to freelancing as a graphical artist, I have studied various creative techniques in UAL LCC including screen print and studio photography.
My photoblog is on Flickr. You can find some lo-fi mobile photos on the Instagram.

Music, poetry and underground club scene:
Having been a music lover since childhood I made my way on the music stage as a technician and a tour sound operator with Yaputhma Sound System disco collective in 1996. Later on, I started performing sound FX support for Djs and also started to spin records myself. My first take on dj's decks was at big beach Sound System of Spin-Out windsurf/music event in Kolka Cape in the year 1997. With fellow dj friends we came up with an idea to establish our own jungle music crew - the Värka Kru. Freaking out underground club scene with excessive bass across the Baltics and beyond. Key events and series performed or/and organised, to mention a few: New Media festivals, like Art+Communication, Artgenda, Polar Circuit, Passport:Music, Passport:Video; Jungle music festivals: Down to the Tunnels, European Drum and Bass Convention, Spy:seed Jungle, Connections, Subterminal, POSTeleRadio netcasting etc. You can find few recorded mixes and experimental tracks on the Soundcloud.

Riga in motion - idea and camera - linear non cut edit of environmental documentary, SVHS, around the year 1996
Trip from Riga to the Karosta - idea, camera - audio photo slides show, miniDV, 1998
Me Remote - idea, acting, camera, cut - kind of time lapse video with me on remote control, miniDV, 1998
Värka - Bass Shell - director, camera, visuals - documentary roadtrip of Värka Kru tour to Vilnius, miniDV, 1998
Misnk in Motion - ideas, camera - documentary video film on winter trip to Belarus, miniDV, 2000
London chillin' - idea, camera - documentary video, 2008
The Game of War - second unit cameraman - documentary video, miniDV, 2009
One Love Jamaica festival - camera - short video of live reggae performance, DSLR 60D, 2012, Yoyogi, Tokyo.

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